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I was gone for a minute but I’m back! Here’s a chalk drawing I did for one of my sisters engagement party a couple months ago; as requested by her, the rules for the side with the heart were use that quote and be creative. Its been so many years since I’ve done any art projects so it was difficult but I enjoyed it, let me know your thoughts!



She said she was very happy with it which is one reason I’m okay sharing 😉 she looked beautiful that night as well but I don’t have her permission to share shots of her 😦

Wow, I really have not been on here in I believe over a year!  That is way too long!  I know one of my problems is not knowing what to focus on but I realized I don’t have to have a single focus for now, I can post as I please!  Maybe that’ll change down the road and I’ll be inspired to stick to a theme but for now, I’ll continue with random goodness…hello again world!

Well some quick personal updates, I don’t recall the exact date of my last blog although I know it was in 2013 but in case it was post-marriage, I am now married to my loving husband 😉 ❤  I quit my former job in a legislative office and began a new job a charter school (working in the main office for now).  My husband and I are actively seeking to relocate out of State though, either VA or GA but most likely VA it looks like right now since we have more job opportunities out there…if anyone has any advice for VA (or GA too) please do comment away! Any suggestions, advice or tips, even personal stories is great!  Wish us luck as he has a panel interview for a police officer position later this month in one of the towns he tested for 😉  I am trying to transfer my teaching certification to VA, so any tips or positive vibes on that too is equally appreciated!  I am applying to both teaching and non teaching jobs since I don’t know for sure yet what will happen, and am keeping other ideas on the back burner that I am interested in.  I recently started a part time job a few months ago too for some extra money in addition to full time position, as a front desk associate at a local gym.  I have been a member at this gym since before the wedding so working here part time is an easy gig for me plus it’s in a field I very much enjoy! (health and fitness).  Oh and I ran my very first 5k this past June, it was awesome to finish!  I should post pics at some point hmmm…Well those are my main updates, hope everyone out there is doing lovely and blessed!

On a different note, anyone trying to penny pinch (as we surely are), Shoprite is having their can-can sale right now definitely worth visiting!  We use marinara and crushed tomatoes a lot and got large cans of crushed tomatoes for 88 cents each 😉  PLenty other items of course but I was excited for those-clearly its the little things for me 😉  For anyone in NJ, I also went to the  Montclair Farmers Market this past Saturday, an absolutely lovely place to visit and take stroll outdoors while grabbing some great fresh veggies! They also have plenty of other items like wine, pickles stand, meats and seafood etc., great way to spend a Saturday morning or afternoon ❤ Man I really need to keep more pictures to include in my blog, will do for everyone for the future!  First time back is rough :-/

  Well, I wanted to make a more fulfilling blog but I must get back to work!  I will be back soon with a more useful/informational post and maybe some links/pics too!  Wishing everyone good health, love and happiness!

This woman mentioned in the article below hit it pretty spot on and then decided to continue her thoughts and findings with the world on her own blog, I dig that. Do a little research of your own, you will easily begin seeing the connection with the foods you eat and your body’s state of health and others around you. Don’t believe me or the girl below, give it a try for yourself and see how you feel in a week or two 😉

Here is her blog by the way:

Wishing you all great health, tons of happiness, and lots of love and success! :-*

Thought the ban was interesting, a town in Australia did it first looks like it’s catching on though, a lot of people don’t know the problem America has with waste and landfills, there’s no space left for them and bottles aren’t biodegradable either. Thoughts anyone?

another quick blog, just some thoughts as I do more research and read and think…
It’s Election Day for the presidential elections here in the US. I watched some, not all, of the debates between Romney and Obama. But where are the other party candidates and why do we only get to hear the two main parties debate on television? That doesn’t seem fair to me, these two parties will stay on top and the underdogs don’t even get a chance to sway public opinion at all, not the democracy we were built on… maybe it’s just me. There are other candidates too I looked them up, there is a Green Party candidate who actually had a really interesting interview saying how she was barred from entering the televised debates (why? why would the other two controlling parties even be bothered by it considering their power money and votes?), I for one would have enjoyed mixing things up and seeing her talk against Obama and Romney. Maybe heads of government didn’t like the things she would call out or bring up, like the dependency on oil increasing or certain legislations signed in recently with out public input. Maybe that’s just my skeptical side though… either way it doesn’t hurt to at least be aware and informed of the other candidates regardless of what you think of them, I probably should have done this alot sooner but as I prepare to go vote I am sharing my thoughts so here is some extra information for you all (no persuasion intended strictly educational and informative purposes). Happy voting to all!






It has been a while now since I have been on my blog, I had to focus on schoolwork this semester in addition to work work, and it was quite a handful this time around. I am done now, and before blogging about more serious matters or things I enjoy, I am starting off again with something simpler: iphone apps. I was previously an Android owner and in December switched to my iphone 4s, I refuse to take sides, they are very different pieces of phone technology each with their ups and downs but yes i do like my iphone. I have come across some apps that I have decided are by far my favorites thus far, and am sharing them with you so here they are enjoy 😉


1) Quora: I keep this app in my News folder, although it is not really just that. Quora allows users to search for and add topics of interest, of which they will then see related questions posted by other uses on their home feed. By clicking on the question they can see answers that have been posted by people and of course can post their own questions. The topics cover literally everything, from food and health, to controversial debates to zombies and doomsday preppers, there is nothing you cannot find on Quora. Social sharing options are available for posts too. The app is FREE and worth at least trying out.

2) Zite: I am not sure what words I can use to justify how great I think this news app is to me. It is also FREE, and once downloaded users can set it up by picking their categories of interest (Politics, World News, Music, Food/Cooking, Top Stories, etc) of which Zite will then create sections that users can slide across. Each of your sections will constantly have articles and feeds posted from a large variety of sources. What makes the app even better is that when you click on a specific feed or article, after reading it you can hit the thumbs up or down button and Zite will give you more or less of said feeds. The more you use it the more personalized it becomes 😉 And yes, you can share articles via email, facebook, twitter, sms, whatever you prefer. Although I have not been able to share on Google+, I consider it a minor setback compared to the apps awesomeness.

3) Instagram: Most people have heard of this by now so I won’t need to do much explaining here. I have a love for visuals/arts (used to draw/paint a little haven’t gotten back into it but still admire it), and pictures are a natural for me to indulge in. This app allows registered users to take pictures, or use already taken pictures, and add certain light effects or tricks to customize the photo. The photo is then posted on the Instagram board for followers to see. You have the option to approve or disapprove of people who request to follow you, usually starts off with close friends who are on Instagram as well, and can follow others too upon request. Photos can be commented on and tagged. There is a section for most popular user photos too where you can view a vast array of different photos taken and customized. Settings allow you to decide who sees your photo, all the Instagram public or just your chosen friends and followers. Sharing to facebook is optional as well, I have not done so yet but many others have. Oh and another plus, each photo you customize is automatically saved in your iphone camera gallery. I do believe android has this app now too!

4) Chess with Friends: I am promoting this gaming app because not enough people are on it and playing, and my fiance and I both are fond of it. Rather than playing Scrabble with Friends (sorry it’s just not the same as playing Scrabble in real life) or any other “with Friends” game, give this one a go, it is fun yet challenging and deserves more attention!

5) Google Currents: Yes another option for a news app, but you can never be informed enough especially with all the different sources and opinions out there! This one is obviously headed by Google, and is also FREE. It provides sections as well which you can add to your library, and the sections provide an interesting array of articles daily. You will not get just your mainstream news sources, it is the internet after all, which makes for a more complete and diverse news feed. I personally enjoy articles in my library under The Daily Beast, ThinkProgress and Mashable but have many others as well. Social sharing is of course available and this one surely includes Google+ in its choices.

6) Menstrual Calendar Premium (the pink symbol): Men step aside for a second, this one is for you ladies out there and it is available on Android as well I have used it on both phones. Obviously by the title, we know the app tracks your monthly cycles allowing you to mark the days it starts, ends, details which all don’t need to hear but most definitely helpful in tracking! While there is a free version the $2 upgrade to premium is well worth it. The app allows you to track so much more, including sexual activity (more important if you’re looking to conceive cause it works with the other features, but also helpful if you have had physical issues too), daily symptoms and moods, pill tracking, pains, and much more. There is a Notes section too, if you’d like to include extra info which I use for jotting the vitamins I take each day and workouts. In settings, females can customize what they would like to show in each day of the month, for example you do not have to display pill tracking or bodily temperature, for as I said that may be more important for specific uses. Over time, the app records your info and alerts you as your cycle approaches and which part (is it that time of the month or is it your “best” time of the month). A recently added feature is the discussion board which I think is a great add on. Users can post in many different health and body related sections and see answers as well as respond to other users. With the Android, depending on your phone you can choose to store your records on your memory card or on the phone’s memory. Women, definitely a worthy app for us.

7) Viggle: Back to all users, this app makes tv watching a little more worthwhile. Even if you do not watch a lot of television, the app is free and won’t hurt you. Anytime you happen to be in front of the tv, just open the app and log in to what you are watching (it listens to your tv for a few seconds and tells you what show it is), then confirm it. Users get points each time they log in in front of the television, and the points down the road can be used for rewards which come in the form of gift cards starting at $5 or $10 and going higher. If you’re going to watch some tv why not get a little reward for it?

8) ZocDoc: This app is fairly new but is surely revolutionizing the way we pick doctors and schedule apointments! I am very excited as I just recently downloaded this and started using it, I have my first two appointments set up through them next week 😉 By registering with the app, users can easily find doctors within there area that take their insurance, in many different needed fields from general practitioners to pain management, dermatologists and so on. Doctors profiles are given upon clicking on them, as well as reviews and date availability. If you select the date you are looking for from the beginning, the app will show you which doctors are available on that date and the times, or the dates closest to it. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking on the desired time for the chosen doctor, and confirming. Zocdoc has amazing customer service!! Being that the app and system is fairly new, doctor’s offices are still getting used to using it in their system as well, so some of the times are not updated enough or they may need to reschedule. The doctor’s office usually calls you very quickly as happened with me, to reschedule for a better time or day. Better yet, ZocDoc calls you with an extremely friendly representative, apologizing for the inconvenience it may have caused and taking notes on your troubles if any. I was given a $10 Amazon gift card sent via email for my first rescheduling, even though I wasn’t even mad (I only had to reschedule for the next day). I’d say within a few weeks, once doctor’s offices are more accustomed to the new system, the app will be even smoother and even better. Definitely worth it though and it is FREE as well.

Ok, these are pretty much my top favorite iphone 4s apps. Surely there are other great ones like MapMyRide (for biking its pretty great), Dropbox, myBus, iReddit, HotelTonight and others. But exploring on your own is the best way to go! I have given a few that are a little less talked about but very great in my opinion. Alright, back to more important things and my workday, Keep Calm and CarryOn!!




The following article link below reads “The Richest 1 Percent Capture 93 Percent of Income Gains in 2010,”  take a look and read the rest for yourselves…

I myself never participated in the Occupy Wall Street or any of the Occupy movements that have occurred and continue to go on despite less main stream media attention.  I am also not in the 1 Percent though, by a long shot-I’m in my last year of college undergrad, work a full time and part time job and have no real savings besides my job’s pension which i’ve only had for 4 years and it’s debatable how long that will last in my state of NJ, and our joint wedding fund which believe me is a low budget wedding. I firmly believe things in our country are extremely twisted financially and class-wise….and this is not because of my position financially (despite not being rich, I am proud of what I have accomplished and continue to do so, and things could always be worse), but because of my own observations of our current system, the people who get paid millions and the people who don’t…

People always say picture yourself on the other side of the fence, that would be in the 1 Percent.  Of course I have, and I realize I am a unique individual but I strongly believe and know in my heart if I was I would not be complaining about a tax on my income bracket considering what I made afterwards is still a very large amount and I would be extremely fortunate to have that (although money is both a blessing and a curse).  I am not greedy or money hungry by nature, but who knows how that would change right?  No, I know where I stand and I stick by it….things need to change so that celebrities are maybe making a few million less, and teachers or business owners etc a few thousand more (I still can’t believe how some people in my state complained about what teachers make, supposedly to much, who were in unions, but could care less about what those above them make), and politicians definitely DEFINITELY need to make less especially the higher up they are, it is out of control and we all know it.

That’s all for now folks, as always staying informed and being a part of the community is important, no matter what you’re opinion is on the information (thoughts always welcome).  Have a great day !!!! 🙂

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